For a While | Por un tiempo

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Leandro and Silvina have everything a couple in love could want – friends, family, a beautiful home. Well, almost everything – a baby would complete their family, their perfect world. Now, after years of trying, the stars have aligned and with giddy delight they prepare for the birth of their first child. Their rapture is brought to a devastating holt when Leandro receives news that he is already a father. A father to a 12-year-old girl desperately in need of a parent. This is a chance for Leandro and Silvina to be parents at last, but can their love tolerate such circumstances? With no choice but to take on his new responsibility, Leandro accepts his daughter, Lucero, into his life. His perfect world with Silvina crumbles away as love and loyalty are tested.
Director Gustavo Garzón has shaped an award-winning story of love, loss, acceptance and of families re-imagined.

Screens with: The Last Barbeque, USA/Colombia/Guatemala, Dir. Adriana Cepeda
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Director Gustavo Garzón
 Gustavo Garzón Buenos Aires, May 25, 1955
An Argentinian actor and director. He has three children: twins John and Marian and Joaquin.
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Winner – 2013 Lleida Latin American Film Festival: Audience Award
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