Pacha Workshops

Sunday 28th June All Workshops will be taking place within the Addison Road Community Centre. 142 Addison Rd Marrickville.
Workshops are free, please reserve your place through the links below.

Amazon_watch12:00pm Amazon Watch Presentation
Drop into the Pachamama Exhibition Space and watch a presentation by Amazon Watch Allies Australia, volunteer group promoting and supporting the work of Amazon Watch.This is your opportunity to connect with and support Amazon communities fighting to retain their land and traditional way of life. These communities are the keepers of the Amazon, without international support they cannot keep fighting the multi-national greed on their doorstep. If they go, so do the forests, followed by us.

John_Seed1:00pm John Seed – Los Cedros / Special Film Screening and Discussion

Set in the cloud forests of Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, this beautifully captured documentary celebrates its unique wildlife and the efforts to protect Western Ecuador’s last intact forested catchment from illegal logging and other forms of degradation.

Narrated by John Seed. Music by Beatrice Lewis
Los Cedros Trailer
“I have to agree with University of Oregon Professor Bitty Roy that Los Cedros is the best preserved rainforest in Western Ecuador. Please help us to keep it that way.” In the late 1980’s The Rainforest Information Centre helped create the Los Cedros Biological Reserve in the Ecuadorean rainforests of the Amazon headwaters. Los Cedros in now under attack from illegal hunting, mining and clearing and we’re trying to raise $12,000 to defend it. Come to the special screening and listen to John Seed talk about the incredible work that has been done to preserve Los Cedros and how you can become a part of its preservation.
gardeners2.00pm – Intro to Organic Gardening – THIS SESSION HAS BOOKED OUT 
An introduction to small scale community organic gardening hosted by the Addison Rd Community Garden. All people welcomed, prepare to get your hands dirty as you will be planting out a winter vegetable garden over converstions about the role of community gardens spaces in in the urban landscape. Booking essential.

11.00am Children & Youth Mural Workshop –THIS SESSION HAS BOOKED OUT
Help your children find their inner Pachamama and explore connection to land and nature through splashes of paint and colour guided by mural artist, Esmeralda Maria. Esmeralda is a Chilean journalist, social communicator and artist; some of her previous experience involves working at el centro arte alameda (the longest-standing independent cultural centre in santiago, chile) as an assistant director and then general producer; in that role she helped give voice and presence to independent visual artists, performers  film producers and directors, who wouldn’t usually find a space in the main stream arena. She has also contributed to independent film festivals, most notably the ‘cine y desierto’ (cinema and dessert) in san pedro de atacama, in the north of chile.

11:00am Heartdancers – THIS SESSION HAS BOOKED OUT 

“The world is suffering from a huge spiritual crisis, we believe that art contributes effectively to mankind’s deepest aspirations as it is a reflection of the soul of humanity”Heart Dancers is a charity organisation based in Sydney, founded by Colombian Yogini Sandra Morales and Chilean sound healer/ songwriter Pato Lara. They use sound therapy with live music, relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga postures, dance and conscious movements, dance performance and visual arts to promote healing, mental wellbeing and foster strength of spirit. The healing and creative power of music, dance and yoga has an unspeakable power to transform the lives of individuals and communities. Heart Dancers utilise this power to help those in the community who are most in need. They currently provide workshops to refugees and asylum seekers, children with special needs and senior citizens suffering Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


2:00pm Chirimeros – An practical workshop exploring the roots of Colombian music


Let Chirimeros take you on a musical journey exploring folkloric influences from all reaches of Colombia. From the Caribbean, explore the Cumbian Gaita, Puya, Porro, Merengue and Mapale rhythms. From the Pacific they give us a taste of rhythms such as the Currulao, the Jota and the Porro Chocoano. These rhythms demonstrate the African influences mixed with those of indigenous and native Colombian.Their instruments are those of a typical traditional format, to name a few the Llamador, Alegre, Redobelante, Patillo de Choque, Maracones, Guacharaca, Guasa and an array of traditional wind instruments.The primary objective of the group is the dissemination of the richness of played traditional Colombian music by Colombian musicians.  Band members include, creator Francisco Javier Castillo, Daniela Castillo, Alejandro Cardoso, Julian Arevalo and Jorge Forero

Sintergetica-Mini-Healing-Caravan-On-the-Block-Sydney-March-2010-35All Day – Manos Healing Centre

Manos Healing Centre is a charity that provides healing services and heart connected education in the communities, including disadvantaged  groups such as the elderly, physically/ mentally impaired and immigrants. They support advanced medicine and education originated in South America (Sintergetica and pedagooogia 3000) and they also guide a spiritual journey up the Andes Mountains in Chile. Sydney distance calculator them for energetic healing, drumming sessions and some ancestral reconnection.

The Pachamama Festival is only possible through the support of the Addison Road Community Centre.