The Pachamama Festival is a celebration of global stories of cultural connection to the land through art, film, dance, talks, workshops and music.
We will be premiering some of the most exciting films to recently come out of Australia & Latin America. Beautifully shot, these stories will bring you close to the peoples who are actively trying to share their wisdom to keep our world alive. These films reflect on ways that society can reconnect and honour that which gives us everything, calling for evolution. Pachamama is a festival all about rediscovering, strengthening and paying attention to our connection with the Earth, how she lives, breaths and hurts.
Friday 24 June & Saturday 25 June | Addison Road Community Centre | 142 Addison Road Marrickville | Booking info: Free, $10 for film tickets

Friday 24th June | Opening Night **Opening Night is fully booked – Check out the other events below!
We are very excited to announce a special night to open Pachamama Festival 2016: a mix of live music, short films and spoken word performances to highlight the power of storytelling. Through thoughts, verse, chords, lyrics and pictures, the night offers an ode to Mama Pacha, while raising awareness about people’s connection to the land, and the call to maintain identity, culture and place, which has never been more evident.
Come and join some of Sydney’s best young storytellers as they share their meditations on Pachamama with us. The night will feature a great line-up including Amnesty International Eye for An Eye Poetry Slam winner Liz Dakash, award-winning Argentinian short film La Piedra del Rayo (The Lightning Stone) and a live set by musicians Angelo Francalanci & Amaru Ferrel from Nativösoul, specially prepared for the night and featuring songs in Quechua language. And this is just the start! Spoken word artists Hina Khan, Alice Tame & Denita Nair will also perform on the night.
Entry is free: bookings essential
Date: Friday 24 June
Time: Doors open 6pm for 7pm start
Venue: StirrUp Gallery @ Addison Rd Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville
Food and drinks available for sale


Saturday 25th June

11.30am – 1pm
Creative Nino’s with Rosell’s Creatures / Free – Bookings Essential
Rosell_1980For children aged 6 – 12, Creative Nino’s is a creative workshop aimed at nurturing children’s connection to the natural world. This year the theme is Dreams. Children will create a ‘Dream Catcher’ like artwork using found objects from nature. This is a popular workshop, parents are asked to work on these artworks with their children. Book early only 24 spots available.
Artist/ Facilitator BIO
RosellsCreatures is created by Rosell Flatley. Rosell is an illustrator and muralist with a background in graphic design and uses a variety of mediums including spray paint, ink, watercolours and acrylics. She calls them creatures because she feels each character or piece of art has a life of its own. They are not of this world but have a story to tell. Her characters are moody, sometimes dark with a mysterious charm that draws you in. You want to know their story and learn more about their experiences. Most of her creatures are feminine in nature as they reflect the artist, her moods and emotions.
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12pm – 1pm
Folk music show and tell / Free – Bookings Essential
Let ‘Amanecer’ (Sunrise) take you on a musical journey exploring folkloric influences from Latin America while they share their own journey as young Sydney-based musicians proudly performing and promoting their cultural heritage.
‘Amanecer’ is a group of 6 young Latin-American musicians who perform music with Andean roots. They formed in 2014 under the artistic direction of Danilo Hidalgo and later on also supported by Alberto Vargas. The group has worked hard to build up their repertoire and has now started to challenge themselves creating their own tunes, which are yet to be performed on stage. Late in 2015, they were the recipients of a grant from Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, which has allowed them access well-known industry mentors in the last two months to develop them further as emerging artists. The group’s vision is to share their culture through music with multicultural audiences.
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1.30pm – 2.30pm
Traditional Drumming workshop by Fernando Andres / Free – Bookings Essential
The workshop will encourage all age groups to play a drum in a circle using 3 hand techniques. You will be taken into a short journey connecting as one pulse heart rhythm.
Fernando Andres is a percussionist and session musician who incorporates vocals and a wide range of percussion instrument. Specialising in Afro-Latin sounds, Fernando has played in for the MTV awards as well as performing for international artists including the Gypsy Kings, Rogue Traders and Jimmy Barnes. He has also been involved in community projects to help develop amateur artists.
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1.30pm – 4pm
Storytelling & Mural Design workshop ‘Ecological Heroes – their legacy continues with us’ / Free – Bookings Essential
“At first I thought I was fighting to save rubber trees, then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest. Now I realize I am fighting for humanity.” Chico Mendes
Berta (1)Join us on this 2 hour workshop of innovative storytelling and creative activism to honour the heroism of those who have been killed and those who are presently being repressed in their resistance against mining, oil and gas projects around the world. At Pachamama Festival we believe that art can create awareness and awareness can lead to activism and change, especially if we come together as a community.
This workshop has been designed to transfer the seeds of awareness left behind by environmental defenders from around the world who have taken action, because their government, multinational corporations or other entities have threaten their family, their community, their environment or their way of life. These defenders are being attacked and in some instances they have even been killed.
Join us on a journey that will connect you with their stories and struggles and be part of a collective process that will be the foundation of a new mural pitched for an Inner West wall. This mural will be a constant reminder  that these people’s struggles continue and we are here to carry on with their legacy.
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2.30pm – 3.30pm
Organic Garden Tour / Free – Bookings Essential
A small scale community organic gardening hosted by the Addison Rd Community Garden.
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4.30pm – 6pm
Yarning Circle by Campfire / Free – Bookings Essential
Join YARN Australia for the first time at Pachamama Festival. YARN Australia aims to build relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Non-Indigenous Australians by providing a safe space where discussions and relationships can be built.
YARN Australia engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, through a meaningful and respectful space for dialogue. Founded in Sydney in 2007 we have established programs at a number of universities, and held several successful community events with dance, music, and storytelling Australia wide.
Featuring special guest speakers and local elders contributing to a conversation on the role of culture in our modern day society. All are welcome.
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6.30pm – 8.15pm
Film Event – Putuparri and the Rainmakers / $10 – Bookings Essential
Nicole Ma | 2015 | Australia | 97mins
Ten years in the making, the film is an extraordinary eyewitness account of the living traditions of
Putuparri’s people.
PutuparriThe film spans 20 transformative years in the life of Tom “Putuparri” Lawford as he navigates the deep chasm between his Western upbringing and his determination to keep his traditional culture alive. Director Nicole Ma documents Putuparri’s journey, travelling with him and his family on numerous occasions to Kurtal, a sacred waterhole in the Great Sandy Desert where they ritually make rain. Kurtal is a site of deep spiritual significance for Putuparri and his family
and the subject of a long term native title claim over the area.
Tom “Putuparri” Lawford is a man caught between two worlds: his future as a leader of his
people, reconnecting with his ancestral lands and shouldering his responsibility to pass this
knowledge on to the next generation; and both his past and present in modern society,
where he battles with alcoholism and domestic violence. Set against the backdrop of this long fight for ownership of traditional lands Putuparri and the Rainmakers is an emotional, visually breathtaking story.
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8.30pm – 10pm
Film Event – Daughter of the Lake / Hija de la laguna (Australian Premiere) / $10 – Bookings Essential
Ernesto Cabellos Damián | 2015 | Peru | 87mins
Hija-de-la-Laguna-(1)Nelida is an Andean woman able to communicate with nature’s spirits. She feels she is the daughterof the lakes that provide water to her village. But just beneath her lakes, Yanacocha, Latin America’s largest gold mine, has discovered a deposit valued at billions of dollars. They have the Peruvian government’s support to mine it, even though it means drying out the lakes.
Farmers who live downstream oppose the project, because they fear running out of water. It’s a life and death struggle. The police have killed five men during the protests and the farmers not only have to confront the political and economic powers, but also the people in their communities who now depend on the small jobs the mine has given them.
When Nelida joins the march from her homeland to Lima, the country’s capital, over a thousand kilometers away, she realizes she’s not alone. There are thousands of people who want to protect the Andean water sources.
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