Pachamama Festival 2014

SLAFF in collaboration with Addison Rd Community Centre present the Pachamama Festival as part of Open Marrickville from 26 – 28th June.

The Pachamama festival is a fusion of art, films, healing, talks, childrens workshops, music and more celebrating Latin American stories of cultural connections to the land.

We will be premiering some of the most exciting documentaries to recently come out of Latin America. Beautifully shot, these stories will take you as close to the people who are actively trying to keep their culture alive in a world where globalisation is rapidly taking over. The celebrations and meditations in these films reflect the ever changing world, and calls for evolution.

Throughout the weekend there will be workshops allowing kids to unleash their creativity through art and music alongside panel discussions which delve into the aftermath felt by indigenous communities when faced with environmental upheaval, with an emphasis on the effects of mining.

The festival opens on Thursday 26th June at 7pm with an exhibition featuring local inner west photographers highlighting the impact of environmental changes on indigenous and traditional communities from the fringes of Latin America. Displacement, identity, conflict and adaptation are all explored through these revealing and highly personal photographs.

All works will be available for sale, with live performances, drinks and traditional food available.

Sponsored by Arthead