A Wolf at the Door | O lobo atrás da porta

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Event Cinemas George St Sydney
Feature | Fernando Coimbra | Brazil | 2013 | 101 min 

A child is kidnapped. At the police station, three individuals are interviewed. Sylvia and Bernardo, parents to the kidnapped child, and Rosa, Bernardo’s mistress and Sylvia’s friend. Their stories contradict each other – things are very amiss in this oppressive universe.

Thus begins the nerve-rattling, A Wolf at the Door, a tale of a kidnapped child, distraught parents left behind and a lover left out in the cold.

A thriller reminiscent of Fatal Attraction, Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbra’s suspenseful feature debut captures the darkness that ensues when panic breeds suspicion and love turns to hate. An utterly compelling and indelible drama.

Portuguese with English subtitles | 18+ audience only
Bonus short film screeningWaiting Room, Colombia, Dir. Angela Duque

[tab title=”Director Bio”]
the director Fernando Coimbra (small)Fernando Coimbra majored in Cinema and Video at the School of Communication and Arts from the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP) in 1999. In 1995 he wrote and directed his first short-length film, “As Agruras de um Homem-Sandwich” (The Bitterness of a Sandwich Man) in partnership with Murillo Mathias. The film, which was taken to the Brasília Festival the same year, received numerous awards. The following year, 1996, in partnership with João Carlos Lemos, he writes and directs his second short-length, “O Retrato de Deus Quando Jovem” (God´s Portait when He was Young).
In 2005, he writes and directs the short-length “Pobres-diabos no Paraíso” (Poor Devils in Paradise), 35mm, 23 minutes, called for the Proposal from the Ministry of Culture. The film participates in several film festivals in Brazil and abroad, and wins the Tatu de Ouro Award for Best Fiction Film at the 32nd Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia (2005), among others.
In 2007 he directs and shoots the DVD of “Os Sertões – O Homem 1” in high definition video in a large structure with 11 cameras shooting the show, live, simultaneously. This year he also shoots and finalizes the short-length “Trópico das Cabras”, which wins the Festival de Brasília
do Cinema Brasileiro, and takes part of more than thirty festivals in Brazil and abroad, as Clermont-Ferrand, Bilbao, Guadalajara e Cartagena de las Índias, winning more than 21 awards.
In 2008 he shoots and finalizes “A Garrafa do Diabo” (The Devil´s Bottle), short-length, called for the Proposal for Short-Length Films with the topic on the Youngsters (known as the Short-Length for Kids), from the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with TVE. The film won the award for Best Fiction Film on the 1st Popular Jury Festival in 2009, taken place in several cities.
In 2009 he participates in the Olympic Short Film Contest, promoted by the International Olympic Committee. He wins the Brazilian Phase with the short “O Rim de Napoleão” (Napoleon´s Kidney). He goes to Switzerland where he shoots the short “Playing Tennis with Jean-Luc Godard”, for the final of the Olympic contest. The film wins the international phase, being in first place in the jury´s choice.
In 2010 he premiers “Magnífica Desolação” (Magnificent Desolation), winning the Stimulus Prize from the São Paulo Government, produced by Gullane, on the 21st São Paulo Short-Length International Festival where he wins the Canal Brasil-Acquisition Award.
“A Wolf at the Door” is his first feature film.
[tab title=”Awards”]

Winner: 61st San Sebastian International Film Festival – Latin Horizons Award

Winner: 2013 Habana International Film Festival – Grand Coral First Prize

Winner: 2014 Miami International Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize

Winner: 2013 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Best Film and Best Actress

 Winner: Guadalajara International Film Festival – Best Director