All about the feathers | Por las plumas

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Event Cinemas George St Sydney
Feature | Neto Villalobos | Costa Rica | 2013 | 85 min 
Let me tell you a quirky story about a man and his rooster. In a weary Costa Rican town where cockfighting is the main event, Chalo is bored with his day-to-day and wants in on the game.
When Chalo acquires the fighting cock of his dreams, without any notion of how to actually care for it, his unconditional affection for his avian companion grows.
With the cockfighting kept off-screen, director Neto Villalobos’ first feature film is a subtle, absurdist comedy that impressively hinges on the stellar performances of the (mostly amateur) cast and exceptional observational cinematography. You won’t find another film quite like this.
Spanish with English subtitle
Persons under the age of 15 can be allowed to the screenings only if in the company of an adult or parent or guardian

Bonus short film screeningGalus, Galus, Venezuela, Dir. Clarissa Duque
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NetoVillalobosMiniNeto Villalobos was born in San José, Costa Rica. He graduated with a degree in Sociology from the University of Costa Rica and later majored in Film Direction at the Centre d’Estudis Cinemàtografics de Catalunya in Barcelona.
His short films “Jasón,” “100 al Este,” and “El Papá de Ernesto,” among others, have won awards and have been screened at festivals in cities and countries such as Cannes, Biarritz, Boston, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Barcelona, Vancouver, and Chile. His video clips have been televised on national and international music channels.
He has also participated in workshops such as “How to Tell a Story?” given by Gabriel García Márquez and Fernando León de Aranoa, “XI Typa Script Workshop” in Argentina, “XL Rotterdam Lab” in Holland, “Script Workshop” given by Martín Rejtman and Federico León,” “Berlinale Talent Campus,” “Buenos Aires Talent Campus,” and “Handmade Film Workshop” by Cinergia.
His first feature film “Por las Plumas / All About the Feathers” has already won three work in progress awards (“Encuentros” from the XXX Miami International Film Festival, BAL from the XV Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, and “Encuentros” from Cinergia). Previously, it obtained development funding from Ibermedia, production funding from Cinergia, and far exceeded crowd funding through the Indiegogo platform.
Neto Villalobos Filmography
Short Films: Jasón, El Papá de Ernesto, Odio a Frank Zappa, Máquinas, El Golpe de Miguelico, 100 al Este, La Navidad de Junior Pérez
Videoclips: “LCQNMC” – Florian Droids (as Ronny Garro), “Siente” – Cocofunka, “Larvas Salvajes” – Florian Droids, “Mapas y Caminos” – 424, “Ya no quiero hablar” – 424, “Pastry Song” – FLPPRZ
Feature Films: Por las Plumas
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Winner: 2013 Icarus Film Festival, Guatemala – Best Film & Best Director

Winner: 2014 Miami Film Festival – Miami Encuentros Award