Spotlight on Local Filmmakers

Fri 5th Sep, 5pm @ Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney

Free Admission | John Woolley Building, Seminar Room 395, Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney
Meet some future talents at our Local Filmmakers session, showcasing stories from or about Latin America. Our friends at Panavision Asia are offering a prize to one lucky filmmaker.
Post screening Q&A with filmmakers led by Dr. Fernanda Peñaloza, Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies and Coordinator of the Sydney University Research Community for Latin America (SURCLA).

  • Miniambra ~ Balance | Dir. Ana María Méndez Salgado | 3 min
  • Canberra and Brasilia: Music by Design | Dir. Cameron Brown | 30 min
  • For Mabel | Dir. Martina Joison | 15 min
  • The Task | Dir. Rhiannon Stevens | 21 min
  • Wilson | Dir. Will Duque | 9 min
  • Girl & Fish | Co-Dir. Carlos Manrique & Ana María Méndez | 3 min
  • Quechua in the Eyes of the World | Dir. Gabina Funegra | 10 min