Pachamama Festival – Big Thanks

A big thanks to all the Artists, Filmmakers, Workshop Facilitators and people who came along to the 2015 Pachamama Festival. This event took place Thursday 25th – 28th June and was a huge success!

The Pachamama Festival is a celebration of global stories of cultural connection to the land through art, film, dance, healing, talks, workshops and music.

We will be premiered some of the most exciting documentaries to recently come out of Latin America. Beautifully shot, these stories brought us closer to the people who are actively trying to share their wisdom to keep our world alive. The celebrations and meditations in these films reflect on ways that society can reconnect and honour that which gives us everything, calling for evolution.

A key message to come from this films is that each and everyone has a role to play in the protection of our common home and education of ourselves and others on ways to live in greater harmony with our sister nature.

Pachamama Exhibition

An exhibition featuring local and international photographers and artists highlighting the impact of environmental changes on Indigenous and traditional communities from the fringes of Latin America. All works will be available for sale, with live performances, drinks and traditional food available.

Pachamama Screenings

Aluna. In the face of the approaching apocalypse, the Kogi people of Colombia have asked Filmmaker Alan Ereira to make a film with them which will take the audience on a perilous journey into the mysteries of their sacred places to change our understanding of reality. This is not a work of fiction. ARE YOU READY TO BE CHANGED?

Los Cedros, a short documentary set in the cloud forests of Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. The documentary celebrates its unique wildlife and the efforts to protect Western Ecuador’s last intact forested catchment from illegal logging and other forms of degradation. Special introduction by narrator and deep ecologist John Seed.

Amazon Watch & Deep Ecology Presentation

Special presentations in the gallery on Sunday by Amazon Watch Australia and deep ecologist legend, John Seed. Read more about the presentations

Music & Art Workshops

Pachamama mural workshop and special traditional music workshop by Sydney group, the Chirimeros.

Healing at Pachamama

Manos Healing Charity will be opening up to share their Sintergetica healing with visitors on the day.

Check out the Pachamama Workshops page for a full list of activities

The Pachamama Festival is presented by the Sydney Latin American Film Festival as part of Open Marrickville. Pachamama Festival is in collaboration with the Addison Rd Community Centres’ Barrio Latino!