Feature Film Jury Prize

As part of the 11th Sydney Latin American Film Festival, we’re privileged to announce our inaugural Feature Film Jury Award. The award is presented in recognition of cinema which shows a breadth of diversity and demonstrates a willingness to takes risks. The jury assessing the competition entries consists of 3 members of the arts community. Each will bring their own unique perspective on film and art with a wealth of expertise and experience.
Mathieu Ravier
Mathieu Ravier is originally French but has lived in the US, Canada, England, China, Japan and Australia. He has worked for many festivals, including Manchester’s Commonwealth Film Festival, Tokyo’s French Film Festival, Toronto’s Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival. He founded and ran The Festivalists for 11 years, and now works as a cultural programmer and arts administrator.
Juan Francisco Salazar
Juan Francisco Salazar is an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. He is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at Western Sydney University and Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society.  Juan has worked extensively in communication and media projects across Latin America.  He is co-author of the award winning book Screen Media Arts: Introduction to Concepts and Practices (2008) and directed the feature documentary film Nightfall on Gaia (2015).
Blue Lucine
Blue Lucine is a writer, director and an all round troublemaker. She has a Graduate Diploma in Documentary, a Masters in Creative Writing, and a Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Theatre/Media. She also specialised in writing and directing film at the State University of New York. Her films have screened at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Seen and Heard Festival. Blue is currently working on her first feature documentary about the public housing sale in Millers Point and works for Northern Pictures as an Associate Producer.