Humano – Australian Premiere

Fri 27th June 7pm – What happens when the filmmaker becomes the subject of the film and the subject becomes the filmmaker? Exploring the nature of humanity, Humano is a unique journey that twists together ancient wisdom and modern existential curiosity.

Pachamama Speakers Corner

How do we envisage our connection to land, do we consider it an entity in it’s own right, a living system known to some as Gaia, a bounty that is constantly replenished through the nourishment of the goddess, Pachamama. Are we children of this earth, or masters of it, damming its rivers, hacking into its genetic strands, unlocking carbon, even forcing it to rain.

Pacha Music Workshops

Latin American Music Workshops Saturday 28th June 4.00pm Workshops for young people & adults to experience traditional instruments of Latin America and their cultural significance. Presented by Papolote Workshops are Free! Limited capacity, bookings essential [button color=”green” size=”medium” align=”left” link=”″]Book Now[/button] Creative Niños Saturday 28th June 1.30pm A saturday workshop for children in painting and… Continue reading Pacha Music Workshops


Sat 28th June 1.00pm – Through stunning cinematography, Icaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo Indigenous people who live by one of the main tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. Young Mokan Rono sets outs on a journey to discover the ancestral knowledge of Ayahuasca, mentored by a wise shaman and by his mother, a master healer.

Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians

Sat 28th June 6.30pm – A moving cinematic journey about the Wixárika People, one of the last living Pre- Hispanic cultures in Latin America, and their struggle to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and the land where the peyote grows, the traditional medicine that keeps their knowledge alive.

Gold Fever

Sat 28th June 3.30pm – The Mayans of San Miguel Ixtahuacán find themselves on the front lines of an increasingly globalized world. Winner of the Rigoberta Menchú Grand Prix at the 2013 Montreal First Peoples Festival, Gold Fever is a hard-hitting documentary about the destructive and exploitative impacts of transnational mining. Featuring Noam Chomsky.